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There are many space systems (SS), which are divided into large classes by purpose: telecommunications systems, space radio navigation systems, electronic reconnaissance and space remote sensing systems of the Earth. Among them, the SS is divided into state, as a rule, military, commercial and dual-use.

By the type of orbits used, space systems are divided into highly orbital, among which geostationary and highly elliptical, medium orbital and low orbital are more common. Space-based Earth remote sensing (RES) systems typically use low orbits. Existing space-based telecommunications systems are mainly operating in geostationary orbits, as a result of many years of development of which almost the entire orbital-frequency resource has already been used or declared by the administrations of various countries.

Recent efforts have been made to develop telecommunications space systems using medium-orbit and low-orbit spacecraft. In attempts to create medium-orbit communication satellites, all are faced with the problem of electromagnetic compatibility with existing geostationary systems in azimuth directions covering the plane of sight of geostationary systems, since the international frequency limits allocated for satellite communication systems coincide.

Two attempts have been made to create low-orbit space systems for providing broadband Internet access through OneWeb and Starlink (SpaceX) programs, in which there are also problems. For OneWeb, they are already over, due to the closure of this program. For the Elon Mask program, they are still ahead and will be associated not so much with the filling of the total world space with 700 — 12,000 small spacecraft, but with the payback and demand, in principle, of a limited number of services provided by such a system to the entire world community.

INTELLECTUAL DIGITAL TECHNIQUES LLC has a patent on the “Method of global active-passive multi-position satellite radar of the Earth surface and near- Earth space and a device for its implementation “ (Russian Patent No. 2700166 with priority of 29.01.2019, international application WO2020159404 dated 06.08.2020).

The Global Information Satellite System (GISS) can be developed on the basis of this patent, which can provide a wide range of tasks for virtually all States of the world community, both in the area of security to prevent a surprise attack, prevent and investigate terrorist acts, and in the provision of various communication services, including the creation of space transport lines for transmitting IP information streams that duplicate existing fiber optic links.

The creation of GISS will attract the financial and production resources of many countries for its implementation and will provide employment for hundreds of thousands of people in the production of numerous components of the system's tools and highly intelligent workplaces for its operation.

The description of the patent is carried out according to its own rules, this engineering note sets out the principles of the operation of the claimed method and GISS, as a device for its implementation.