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What happens to the reflected signals received by each AR element when observing objects in a zone with a diameter of 4-5 thousand km?

They are relayed to ground reception and processing points directly when they are located in the same visibility zone, or / and through a network of neighboring satellites (two in their orbital plane and two in neighboring planes) during radar monitoring, for example, the Antarctic zone, from a point near Moscow or the Faroe Islands from the territory of England. These signals are retransmitted in digitized form without on-board phase and amplitude control, which allows each ground reception point to form one or more virtual radiation patterns (VDS) of the on-board receiving antenna and/or radiation patterns required for broadband communication applications for tracking objects.

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Who are the co-authors of the patent and how many people are working on the engineering and technical study of materials for creating GIS?

Co-authors of the patent: Moiseev Nikolay Ivanovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize in the field of science and technology for 1981 (for methods of measuring parameters of satellite communication lines), Deputy Head of the Department-Chief designer of the special communication space system at the Moscow Research Institute of Radio Communications, Deputy General Director for R & D at the Orion Research Institute, head of the center 33 – Chief designer of the direction at the Russian Research Institute of Space Instrumentation (transformed into RKS JSC). Since 2014 - Head of the Department for the development of Special information satellite systems of ISS JSC.

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